Rockford Fosgate R600-5 600 Watt 5-Channel Amplifier

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600 Watt 5-Channel Amplifier

The PRIME R600-5 is a 5-channel amplifier designed to run an entire car audio system! The R600-5 produces up to 75 Watts into each of its four channels with a dedicated subwoofer channel capable of producing 300 Watts into 2-Ohms.

  • 12dB/octave Butterworth crossover
  • 2/4 channel input switch
  • Infrasonic filter
  • 0°/180° Phase Switch
CEA-2006 Compliant:                                         
                        Number of Channels:                                             5                    
                        Rated Power (RMS Continuous Power):                                             50 Watts x 4 + 200 Watts x 1 @ 4-Ohm 75 Watt x 4 + 300 Watts x 1 @ 2-Ohm                    
                        Total Power (Sum of Rated Power):                                             600 Watts RMS                    
                        Dynamic Power (PVC/PowerCube®):                      
                        Bridgeable:                                             Yes                    
                        Frequency Response:                                             20Hz - 20kHz +/-1dB                    
                        Efficiency (average):                     Front/Rear Channels: 60% @ 4-Ohm 50% @ 2-Ohm
Sub Channel: 80% @ 4-Ohm 80% @ 2-Ohm                    
                        Crossover Controls:                     Channels 1/2/3/4: High-Pass 80Hz Channels 1/2/3/4: Low-Pass variable 50Hz - 250Hz Sub Channel: Low-Pass variable 40Hz - 130Hz                    
                        Tone Controls:                     Channel 1/2/3/4: 0dB/+6dB/+12dB @ 45Hz Sub Channel: Variable 0dB to +12dB @ 45Hz Sub Channel: 0°/180° Phase Control                    
                        Signal Input:                     Low Level: 3 Pair RCA                    
                        Signal Output:                      
                        Power Input Connector:                                             Screw Terminal                    
                        Power Wire Gauge:                                             4 AWG                    
                        Speaker Output Connector:                                             Screw Terminal                    
                        Speaker Wire Gauge:                                             8 AWG                    
                        Heat Sink Type:                                             Extruded                    
                        Cooling:                                             Convection                    
                        Remote Controls:                     Remote Punch Level Control
                        Visual Indicators:                                             Power Protect                    
                        Circuit Topology Class:                                             Class-A/B                    
                        Shipping Weight:                                             9.5 Lbs. (4.30 Kg.)                    
                        Dimensions (H x W x D):                                             2.40" x 7.67" x 17.09" (6.10cm x 19.49cm